Hotel Filippos Location

Explore the beauty of Skala Rachoni and Thassos Island

Hotel Filippos is located in Skala Rachoni in Thassos. Skala Rachoni is 11km away from Limenas, the capital and the main port of the island. It offers beaches with crystal clear water, beach bars and traditional taverns.  The area is very popular of its natural beauty as the pine trees and the olive oil trees are all around offering a unique environment. The sunset in Skala Rachoni is described as the most spectacular in the island, fact that makes it remarkable to the guests.

Exploring the whole island of Thassos, guests can meet all of their expectations as it offers graphic villages, clear and well-organized beaches, refreshing nature and archaeological interest. Not only Limenas but other villages as well, provide entertainment facilities, bars and restaurants, stores and of course, very friendly people to show you the true Greek and Thassian hospitality.