About Us

Meet the Owner

A few words from the owner of Hotel Filippos, so you will learn more about the history of the hotel.

“It would be such a pleasure to welcome you to our family run business, Hotel Filippos. Our Hotel was first run by our grandfather, and later our parents were on the line to run it. Today, we, the brothers, are on the lead as the 3d generation, but one thing remains the same; The same vision to success. We run this hotel with respect and we try harder and harder every year to be improved and to respond to the increasing requirements of our guests and our environment in general. Throughout these improvements, our goal is to see the smile on our guests face, thing that will not only make us happy, but it will also be our motive to reach even higher standards of quality to our hotel.

Thank you so much for choosing us and we wish you a pleasant stay.”

Giannis Moutafis